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Tenko Games

Developers. Footballers. Amigos. In no particular order.




Underworld Football Manager 2

UFM2 is the evolution of the popular original title. Taking years of feedback and learning into account, this game continues to blend football management and underhand strategies, while introducing new elements and improving on every aspect of the original.

Available on Google Play and iTunes


Underworld Football Manager

Underworld Football Manager mixes traditional football club tactics and strategy with bribery and sabotage in a unique twist on a traditional football manager game. 

Available on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Facebook and Web.


Pro Words Challenge

Pro Words Challenge is an intellectually challenging crossword game. Levels have been carefully created to push you to your mental limits, teaching you new vocabulary along the way!

Available on iOS

About us

Mobile Game Developers

In 2012, a small group of friends from different corners of the world had a vision for a mobile game and the resources to deliver that game to the public. Since then, Tenko has transformed from a small side-project into a company with a vision to create mobile games that move the needle on what is currently offered in the marketplace. Tenko Games is a subsidiary of Stanga Games.

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