Underworld Football Manager 2 FAQ

How to play, tips & tricks, and common issues

How do I get stronger in UFM2?

Your team strength in UFM2 is represented by your club points. You get these from levelling up your players and facilities, but this costs money.
You can get money from so many sources in the game! But the basic ones are completing quests, collecting it from your money-generating facilities, and opening chests from exhibition matches.

Where do I get chests from?

The main source for chests is the exhibition grounds - play matches, earn points and use them to open more and more chests! However, there are plenty of chest rewards in the game, and you can get many, many more of them.

I want to earn more gold!

Gold can be earned from chests, by completing the daily challenge, and watching videos.
You can also get gold by completing achievements in the museum, and by inviting friends to play the game and completing offers - check it out in the shop!

How do I get more hooligans?

Hooligans are accumulated exclusively by participating in limited time events. These will usually appear once a week - don’t forget to claim your rewards within 24 hours from the end of the event!

If you're a VIP then you'll usually have an extra 2 events each month.

I completed an offer but didn't receive the gold

If you've completed an offer but didn't get the gold, first of all don't panic! Sometimes it can take a few minutes to come through.
Please contact the offer provider directly to get your reward.

My friend joined the game, but I didn't get the reward for inviting him

To get your reward, your friend will need to enter your user ID in the referral screen before they reach level 50. Your user ID is included in the message you shared with them, however you can also find it in your menu, just click the add friends button!

I made a purchase but didn't receive the gold or items

If you made a purchase but didn't receive anything then first of all don't panic - we can solve this problem easily. Just contact us by sending us your game logs as well as a copy of your receipt. You can send logs by going to menu--> settings--> send logs.

How do I restart the game?

Underworld Football Manager 2 is designed in such a way that there should be no need to restart.

But sometimes of course you may feel that you'd like to, and there are a few ways to work around this currently. If you linked your original account to either Facebook or Google, it will always exist, but if you choose to reinstall the app (iOS) or clear the app data (Android) then you'll be greeted with a few login options.

Choose to login with a new option and you'll be able to start a new account, but you'll always be able to switch back to your old one too if you login under your original option.
In case you did not link your older account, it may be lost forever.

Can I play with my account on a new device?

Yes you can!

Make sure your account is tied to Facebook or Googlelogin and then you'll be able to play with it across as many devices as you like - as long as they run Android or iOS.

Apple login is available, but only when changing your device from apple to apple.

Can I change the bonus I selected on the start?

When you begin the game you have an opportunity to select a mentor which provides a special bonus to one of your skills.
You can change your mentor in your university once it’s unlocked, however you can do this only once every league season.

How do I change my profile picture?

Once your account has been linked to either Facebook or Google, the game will use the profile picture from that account. Please mind that this might take up to several days.

How do I make my players stronger?

The best thing to do is to level them up as much as possible. Your players can also gain bonuses from their equipment, by completing related quests, gaining badges and using temporary boosters.

Can I change a player's star quality?

Only 5 star players can be upgraded, and in fact 6 star players can only be acquired this way.
When you sign a player lower than that, he will always stay with the same star quality.

How do I get more 5 star players?

The 5 star players in the agencies are GUARANTEED eventually! If you use 10% more tokens than the expected amount, the agency will generate a 5 star player for you when using the next token. (however it is very likely to get a new one before reaching the token limit). This is just to prevent excessive bad luck!
You can also get more 5 star players from Club Point rewards and by defeating specific Club Clash bosses.

Why are players with more stars better?

There are 3 main advantages:
1. Players with more stars start with better attributes at level 1.
2. More stars mean the maximum level achievable is higher.
3. Players with more stars can equip better items, which will make a considerable difference!

What do I get when I release a player?

When you release your player, you get back all the money you invested in him! However, you also lose the club points gained from his levels - so, if you release a player, be sure to spend that money somewhere else.

I lost or broke my phone! What do I do?

If you've logged in through Facebook or Google, you'll always be able to log in across multiple devices using that account. If you haven't done this yet, you can find the option in the settings menu.
However, if you've not tied your account to one of these and it was just logged in on that device then unfortunately we can't retrieve your account since it's tied to it completely.

My game keeps crashing!

If your game is crashing for you, there could be a variety of reasons. Sometimes it may be a bug, or sometimes (with weaker devices) there may be limitations out of our hands.

That said, we'll always be happy to help. So if a bug or crash happens, please go to your settings and choose "Send game logs" with a message of what happened exactly. We'll gladly take a look and see what we can do to fix it!

My child made an in-game purchase accidently

As is the case with most in-app or software purchases, purchases in the game are non-refundable. There can be some exceptions in special circumstances however. Since the process is controlled by Apple or Google you would need to reach out to their support teams in such circumstances.





Who processes in-app purchases?

All payments are processed through Google Play or Apple App Store - depending on your device, as such you should receive a receipt from your respective store.
Please remember that for every payment issue, we will need you to send us the original receipt along with your message.

I think someone's made a fraudulent purchase on my account

If you think someone has made a fraudulent purchase on your account and you (or your child) have never played our game then you should contact Apple or Google immediately, as they control the transaction process.

Apple: https://support.apple.com/contact

Google: https://support.google.com/googleplay

Can I upgrade 2 facilities at the same time?

Only VIP managers can upgrade two facilities at the same time. You can become a VIP manager and also receive additional rewards, just check out the in-game store.

I put lots of Police on my Stadium but my players were still attacked?

Police protect your buildings from vandalism, but not your players! On top of your skills, you'll want to use protection items and traps on your players to protect them from attack.

What are the hooligan network facilities?

These are special facilities that exist solely to give you rewards, periodically. They can be unlocked only by defeating club clash bosses, and can be upgraded by using hooligans on them (gained from limited-time events).
You can identify these facilities easily because they have blue shields, and not green ones

I cannot upgrade my University, or my club clash facility

Correct, these are special facilities and you cannot upgrade them. Their appearance will upgrade like the rest of your facilities, when you develop your overall city.

When can I create a syndicate?

You can create your own syndicate once you reach 300 Club Points.
You can start a new syndicate no more than once every month.

Can I be in two syndicates at once?

No, you can only take part in 1 syndicate at a time.

How do I promote a Member to Officer?

Firstly, you must be President to promote members.
If you go to the members tab in the syndicate, select the member you'd like to promote, then tap the up arrow next to his name!
You can also promote an officer to be president if you no longer want the power!

How do I claim the syndicate rewards?

Not how, but when; you can claim your weekly reward at the end of the week, and you will automatically get your season reward at the end of season - All you need to do is to login when the season ends (or during the following 24 hours).

How do I kick someone from my syndicate?

If you're President or an Officer you can kick, or even ban, members from your Syndicate!
Simply go to the members menu and tap on the user you'd like to remove. Among the other options you'll be given the choice to sack them.

Can my player be in both the syndicate and my main team?

Yes, absolutely.
However, when a Syndicate match is played there is a 10-20 minute period where he is unavailable for any other match. Aside from that, he'll play in every other one of your normal matches.

Can I level up my player while he's in a syndicate?

Yes, you can. But if there is a match scheduled then he must be able to complete his development before it begins.
If you don't have enough time before your next match, you can upgrade him instantly for gold.

I've found a bug!

If you think you've found a bug of any sort, we'll always be happy to help. So if a bug or crash happens, please go to your settings and choose "Send game logs" with a message of what happened exactly. We'll gladly take a look and see what we can do to fix it!

I have a suggestion to improve the game

That’s great! Send it over - from the menu click on feedback and tell us what you think.

I made a purchase but didn't receive the gold or items

If you made a purchase but didn't receive anything then first of all don't panic - we can solve this problem easily. Just contact us by sending us your game logs as well as a copy of your receipt. You can send logs by going to menu--> settings--> send logs.

I can’t log into the game!

Right after the unsuccessful login, click on the version number in the corner of the screen; it will open your email application with your game logs in he message. Write to us about your problem, with as many details as possible (also - adding a screenshot of the error message you see can be very helpful!) and we will check it out.

I need help!

No problem!
You can contact us using the feedback feature (menu → feedback), however if you’ve encountered any technical problems, it could be very helpful if you send us your game logs; in this case, go to the menu and click on settings --> send logs. Please be as detailed as possible, so we can find the source of the problem quickly.

What are VIP managers?

VIP managers have a “Subscription” - they get an extra daily gold, a bonus chest, and can also upgrade 2 facilities at once.
There’s also a special, bi-weekly, limited time event for VIP players only! 

Check it out in the game’s shop!

I think someone is cheating!

If you believe you’ve found someone is breaking the rules, please send over the details and evidence - we will check it out and do what needs to be done!

I filled the gold vault - what now?

The vault was added due to many users asking for cheaper gold - so we’ve added this feature to reward our active users with a discount!
You can fill the vault gold by completing the daily challenges as they appear.